What is it?

DYNAMIC KEY  is a mechanical device 

to play with one thumb from behind the guitar neck ;

Guitar has NEVER been so FUNNY !


8 main troubles solved!

1. Orthopedic diseases

From hand to posture

  • left hand rotation for 90° causes orthopedic and postural disorders for guitar student,
  • ...and after some years tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, strain of dorsal interosseous
  • also Barré is a great problem because straight finger pressing - after hand rotation - is dangerous for tendons

2. Focal dystonia

From eye to headache

  • eye is very stressed in searching notes!
  • visual stress causes miopia, presbiopia, headache...

3. NO more tablature's troubles

From hard memory till dropout

  • Alan Chester published a tablature book with 3400 positions, very hard to memorize
  • most of the boys leave guitar study after a few  lessons
  • most people wanted to study the guitar 

4. Progress wanted!

New Guitar for teens and lookdown generation 

  • Dynamic Key Guitar can be a great preparatory system  to classic guitar study to introduce to harmonies
  • guitar action is steady at Middle Age while other instruments, as piano, evolves. 
  • people haven't time  to practice more ! Please, get news on following press issue on web:

2016: Kim Bashin's Bloomberg issue on Guitar's abandonments

2017: Brian Majesky publish  "When the guitar was really dying" issue on Music Trade Online

5. Also disabled plays!

Disabled, dyslexics, autistics but also hyperactive boys now can play!

  • too much boys spends their school days boring;  and they would play guitar!
  • several boy could become musicians
  • many hyperactive boys , if left "music-less", can get lost in violence, video gaming, alcohol and drugs 

6.Comfortable string handling

Luxury is the best to play 

  • many people dislike in touching naked strings!
  • you can reach sound perfection without studying

7.Double mode

  • Dynamic Key Guitar can be played both as automatic guitar or classic one

8. Play acoustic WHEREVER, FOREVER

...and relive 70s!

Let's :

  • enjoy soon acoustic sound feeling 
  • play also without pick /plectrum
  • get a chance to relive 70s and to enhance peace and love ideals  in the world: more guitars, less guns!

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